Product Description :                                                                                               UP

Capacitors are made of a Metalised Polypropylene Dielectric Material (MPP). Capacitors deliver reactive current, which helps to improve the system Power Factor.

Types of Capacitors :

Features of the CONZERV Manufactured Capacitors:

  • Self-healing Capacitors.

  • Metalised Double Polypropylene Dielectric.

  • Built-in internal resistors for faster discharge when disconnected.

  • Very low dissipation factor and high insulation resistance.

  • Specially designed bushings having high mechanical strength and better electrical characteristics.

  • Capacitors are hermetically sealed with non- PCB polyurethane.

  • Destruction proof because it has a built-in Pressure Safety Disconnector (PSD)

  • IS marked (manufactured as per latest IS: 13340 specifications).

  • Suitable for floor or wall mounting.

  • Available in Cylindrical as well as Prismatic type.

  • Inductor coil to reduce the effect in-rush current for Capacitors.

Some of the unique features of the Imported MPP-H Cylindrical Capacitor:

  • Advanced Gel construction withstands higher temperatures when compared to dry types.

  • Special composition, metalisation consisting the best properties of Aluminum, Zinc and Silver .

  • 20% lower energy consumption compared to other Capacitors.

  • Compact and economical with upto 50KVAR in a single can.

  • Provides high performance equivalent to Special Heavy Duty, Double Dialectic Capacitor.


CONZERV's Capacitors can be used in all industry segments where the system Power Factor needs to be improved or maintained close to Unity Power Factor (UPF) to avoid PF penalty and avail incentives.

The need for maintaining UPF is heightened in the backdrop of KVAh billing for energy consumption in some states of India .

CONZERV offers the following type of Capacitors depending on the type of load and system voltage:

  • MPP-S (Standard Type ) Power Factor Improvement of steady loads with load variation below 10%.

  • MPP-H (Heavy duty) Double Dielectric : These Capacitors are used to improve the Power Factor where there is a 30-40% of load fluctuation and systems voltage variation is 10-15% of rated voltage.

  • MPP-SH (Special Heavy Duty) Double Dielectric: These Capacitors improve the systems Power Factor where there is dynamic fluctuation of load (0-100%) and system voltage variation, which is 20% and above.



Product Description :                                                                                               UP

Circutor Power Factor Relays are built with a micro processor and based on the FCP system (Fast Computerised Program). This latest technology provides reliable and accurate measurements and control of power factor.

Special Features:

  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Accurate
  • Sophisticated protection for your expensive capacitor
  • Reduces banks switching operations
  • Increases Capacitor Life
  • Detects wrong CT connections
  • Flexible switching programs
  • Protective Alarms
  • In-Built Digital Power Factor Meter

Computer-6e & 12e

Product Description :                                                                                               UP

  • Automatic self adjustment to any kVAR value
  • Digital display of Power Factor Stage Indication and preset PF target, C/k
  • PF target and C/k setting by Pot
  • Lead and Lag indication by LED
  • Manual operation
  • Different programmable capacitor banking programs to provide flexibility
    to match your application
  • Four programmable switching intervals for connection / disconnection. 
  • Time delay on reconnection of charged capacitors reduces damage and
    extends capacitor life.
  • Low current signal indicator.
  • No-volt release.
  • Stages available 6 & 12

Model Photo :

Computer-6e & 12e



Product Description :     All Computer -6e features plus                                   UP

  • Digital display of Power Factor Current THD
  • Monitoring of Harmonic from 0-99.9%
  • Digital Selection of power factor, switching time via keys
  • Harmonic overload alarm.
  • Over-voltage alarms.
  • Over-temperature alarm.
  • Irregular compensation alarm.
  • Stage indication by LED
  • Auto selection of Phase Sequence with the soft touch keys.
  • Digital setting of C.T.Primary current, harmonic level and first capacitor current value
  • Detection and display of C.T. Error (excess current)
  • Stages available 6 & 8

Model Photo :




Product Description :  All Computer 8d features plus                                       UP

  • Output contact for alarm signaling
  • Stages available 12 & 14
  • Optional RS 485 PC interface
  • Static-type power factor correction is available in 8df and 14df Models
  • Model 8df & 14df the switching time can be set within a range 0.1 to 10 seconds
  • In case of static type power factor the total correction time will be reduced to about
    0.5 seconds
  • The static switches and Zero switching control board are available on request

Model Photo :



Technical Specifications:


Computer - 6e & 12e



Voltage Input

400 V (12e)

40/110V+ 15%

Current Input

-/5 A ( 1 A on request )


50 HZ 

Auxiliary Supply

240 V 


4,6 & 12

6 &8

12 & 14

Voltage Input Burden

5 VA

Current Input Burden

0.5 VA

C/K Adjustment Range


Automatic calculation of C/k value

PF Adjustment Range

0.85lag-0.95 lead by pot

0.8lag -0.95 lead digital setting via keys

Switching sequence

Automatic Self Adjustment to required kVAR

Switching Interval

Four programmable switching intervals

Variable from 4-999 secs

Delay Time on Reconnection

Four programmable reconnection intervals

Variable 20-999secs

Low Voltage release

With in 35msecs

Low Current release


Number of alarms




Number of alarm contacts




Contact Function




Over Voltage Trip Point


Vn <+ 15%

Harmonic overload trip point


If it is more then the set THD

Irregular compensation alarm trip point


If the PF is below the set PF target

Working temperature range

-10  +50oC

Relay contact rating

6A   250V (Holding) 25A 250 (Energising)



144X144, 96X96
(on request)








IP64 (front panel)  IP31 (rear)

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