Product Description:                                                                                              

CONZERV's Multi-Function series instruments help you to reduce electrical energy bills through better management of electrical energy usage. The pay back could be less than a year!

Special Features:                                                                                             

  • True RMS
  • Crisp, High Visibility Display
  • Auto Scaling from Kilo to Mega
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Auto Scrolling of selected parameter
  • Data and settings retained upto 10 years under power failure
  • Communication with eLAN Energy Management System through optically isolated RS 485 serial port


Product Description:                                                                                               UP

  • Voltage: Line to Line and Average, Line to Neutral & Average, Neutral to Earth
  • Current: Phase Wise & Average, Neutral Current
  • Phase Angles of Vr, Vy, Vb, Ir, Iy, Ib
  • All Power Parameters Phase wise and Total (kVA, kW, kVAR, PF)
  • All Energy Parameters (kVAh, kWh, kVARh, AvgPF, Avg V, Amp Hours, Avg Hz). Also, Run Hrs and No. of Interruptions
  • Frequency of supply and generator RPM
  • Accuracy Class 1.0, 0.5, 0.2 option
  • RS 485 Port option.
  • Monitor% THD of  Vr, Vy, Vb, Ir, Iy, Ib
  • Records Hi-Lo Profile with 4 Peaks and 4 Lows for V, A, Hz, PF and all Power Parameters with Day, Date and Time of  occurrence
  • Shows current Date, Time, Power ONTime, Power OFFTime, Run Hrs & OFF Hrs
  • Export / Import option

Model Photo :

Trivector Meter Model : EM 3360


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Product Description:    All EM 3360 Features Plus                                             UP
  • EB Meter Cross-check
  •   Monitors Demand Parameters: (kVA or kW) Instantaneous Demand & Maximum Demand, Day, Date & Time of MD occurreence
  • Synchronises automatically with EB meter
  • Records Hi-Lo Profile of Maximum Demand also
  • Generates Demand Profile at 19 Demand Levels for setting realistic Demand Targets according to user-programmed Demand Level 0 and Step size

Model Photo :

Trivector Meter Model : EM 3480


Features at a glance:

  Em 3360 EM 3480
  • Measures

- Voltage Phase to Phase and average

- Voltage Phase to Neutral and average

-Voltage Neutral to Earth

- Current Phase wise, Average andNeutral Current

- % Total Harmonic Distortion of voltage & current wave forms phase wise

  • Option to record Import & Export Energy (IE)

  • Facility to store Previous Period integrated data under the Function `OLD'

  • Generation of High – Low profiles fro all power parameters with date and time

  • Maximised Resolution through Floating Decimal Point

  • Option for accuracy C lass 0 .5 a nd 0 .2

  • Data maintained under Power Failure

  • Real Time Clock

  • Easy to install. Built-in Phase Analyser

  • Programmable PF Lock to match EB requirement

  • Compact size. Bezel 192 x 144 mm. Depth behind bezel 110 mm

  • Ordering Info: Specify Current Input 5A or 1A, Aux Supply 240 V or 110V, Acc. Cl.

  • Security : Access to Set & Clear functions through User programmable Code

  • Display : Bright Red LED with High Resolution and Readability, 0.56” height

  • Auto scrolling of parameter Display. 16 parameters @ 5 seconds

  • Generation of High Low Profiles for Demand with date and time.


  • Relay Outputs to control shedding and restoration of loads



  • User Settable Demand Targets for control



  • Digital Readout Bright Red LED, 7 digit. Instantaneous Parameters 4 digit, Energy Parameters 6 Digit

Technical Specifications: EM 3360, EM 3480


3 Phase, 3 Wire/4Wire (field configurable)


True RMS

Voltage Input

110 to 415 V nominal (Range 80 - 500V)

Current Input

5 or 1 Amp (Factory set) nominal

Maximum Current

150% of nominal

Burden on PT or CT

0.2 VA Max

Accuracy ( For V, A, PF, & all Power & Energy Parameters)

Class 1.0

(0.2% of Full Scale + 0.8% of reading + 1 digit)

Class 0.5

(0.1% of Full Scale + 0.4% of reading + 1 digit)

Class 0.2

(0.05% of Full Scale + 0.15% of reading + 1 digit)

Accuracy of HZ

0.2% of readig

Accuracy of

100 (20% to 150% of Full Scale)

Display Update

Every 1 second (Demand Par - 15 Seconds)


Easy to operate sealed Membrane type

Auxiliary Supply

Factory Set, single 50 Hz 240 V (190-270)
or 110V (85-130V). Burden 5 VA max.


50Hz 5%, 60Hz

Power factor

0.5 PF Lag-Unity-0.8 PF Lead


Bezel 192 x 144 mm.
Dept behind Bezel 110 mm


1800 gms. approximately

Panel Cutout

186 x 138 mm (+1 -0 mm)

Operating temperature

00 - 600 C ambient

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